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Supra News - 2021


New Products

We are pleased to announce TWO new products:

1) An upmarket version of our multi-Award winning Supra USB cable will be available by late summer.

Called Supra USB Excalibur, these cables use optimised conductors for the data and power connections as well as metal body terminations at each end.

The standard USB cables will continue in production as demand for these cables is still very high..

2) An uprated version of the multi-Award winning Supra Sword speaker cable is now shipping and is available in the UK now.

Called Sword Excalibur, the main improvements are:

a) Fully shielded conductors, (like our Award winning Ply 3.4/S cable) to minimise any RF breakthrough

b) Rhodium plated connectors, featuring CombiCon Banana/BFA and Spade type fittings included

c) Fully transparent outer insulation

The standard Sword cables will continue in the range.

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