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About Supra

Supra is the brand name of Jenving Technology - a Swedish company founded over 45 years ago by a young former Ericsson engineer called Tommy Jenving...sadly, Tommy passed away late in 2011, but his ideas and ethos have been carried on by the company to this day.

Since then, many new and innovative products have been designed and manufactured by Jenving, including:

* Classic 4mm speaker cable - one of the very first dedicated audio cables designed solely for use as a loudspeaker cable - most people used lighting flex before this.....!
* Ply - low inductance speaker cables
* Swift - an easy to use XLR connector
* Rondo - a bi-wire speaker cable
* LoRad - a flexible, shielded mains cable
* Sword - a zero inductance speaker cable

Supra products are distributed around the world and across all fields where cables are required - in domestic, marine, automotive, industrial, medical and military sectors.

Indeed, Supra products are in use in many places outside the typical "home" environment, such as in hospitals, theme parks, trucks and aeroplanes.

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to see a short video, from AudiogoN @ CES Jan 2008 about Tommy Jenving (opens in new window).

Click here to see a short 5 minute film, made in 2010, about Supra cables factory and it's production (opens in new window).

Click here to read a short interview with Tommy Jenving, from 2005.

Click here to read a short interview with Tommy Jenving from 1997 (opens in new window).

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