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Supra cable products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. And as the company has been based in Sweden since it's inception over 30 years ago, it will come as no surprise that Supra recognised it's responsibilities long ago and that it meets all statutory and moral requirements when it comes to the procurement and use of raw materials.

Supra RoHS logo
As such Supra fully adheres to the RoHS specification for all of it's products.

All by-products from production, as well as natural waste are sorted and collected for recycling.

Supra products need to be kept clean and tidy from the moment they leave the factory to the time they arrive in the store.

The items also need to packed so that they can be examined to ensure that they will suit your particular needs.

As such, cable products and accessories are packed in plastic "blister packs", which ensure that the product is in tip-top condition, when you get it home.

For recycling purposes, the rear side of Supra blister packs may be marked as follows (to aid recognition of the type of plastic used):

Supra PET logo
Blister is made from PolyEthylene Terephthalate - the same as is used for clear drinks bottles such as water and soft drinks. Identified by the figure 1 inside the recycling symbol.

Supra HDPE logo
Blister is made from High-Density PolyEthylene - the same as is used mainly for "cloudy" milk bottles, also juice and detergents Identified by the figure 2 inside the recycling symbol.

(There is a useful and topical article on the BBC website concerning a new plastic bottle recycling centre which has opened near London).

We normally recommend that the blister packs and inner packaging are retained for future use: for instance if you upgrade later and sell the cable to a third-party.
  • If you choose to dispose of the blister pack, then you can include this with any plastic bottles you return for recycling.
  • The header card can be recycled with your cardboard or paper recycling.
  • The blue insert "card" is made of plastic and can be returned to us (by 2nd class post). We will make a contribution to a local charity for each blue card returned.
WEEE considerations
It is our understanding that "cables" are generally exempt from WEEE regulations.

However, if you have a Supra cable which has come to the end of it's useful life and you wish to dispose of it, you can either:
  • take it to your nearest domestic recycling centre - most now have a separate skip for wires and/or metal.
  • take it back to the retailer who supplied it originally.
  • send it back to us for recycling.

If you have any queries concerning this, please send us an email