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Supra Trico digital audio / composite video cable

The Supra Trico cable has been designed to carry either digital audio or composite video and can be terminated with phono, BNC or scart plugs.

LATEST NEWS: What Hi-Fi awards
Supra cables What Hi-Fi 5 star award Supra cables Supra Product of the Year
Supra cables Supra Product of the Year

Supra Trico awarded "Product of the Year 2003-2004" award, when used as a co-axial digital audio cable, by UK Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

This follows on from the "BEST BUY" rating achieved earlier in the year from Hi-Fi Choice.

The basic specification is as follows:
Very low capacitance, only 58pF/metre, and insulated with PE foam, leading to a propagation velocity of 0.78 light speed.

Double shielded, with an inner braid of silver plated OFC and an outer braid of bare OFC.

The two shields together provide efficient noise protection from external sources.

The silver plated signal carrying inner conductor enhances the high frequency properties of the cable, leading to an extremely low level of attenuation : 0.6 dB per 100 metres at 1.0 MHz and just 7.1 dB per 100 metres at 100 MHz!

True 75 ohm characteristic impedance (+/- 1.5 Ohm upto 100 MHz)

Supra cables Trico cross-section
Supra cables Trico showing inner cores

Supra cables Supra Trico cable

Trico is available with phono, BNC and/or scart plugs fitted in any combination.