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Supra LoRad 6 way Mains Distribution Block

Please note that Supra MD06-BS/SP has now been replaced by the MD06 Mk 3 Series.

Supra MD06-BS/SP

Supra have invested substantially in creating a BS-approved UK 13 Amp socketed mains distribution block, which has been in production since 2007. The MD06-BS/SP is available to markets that support the UK 13 Amp socket standard, which includes United Kingdom (as well as: Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Hong Kong and other countries).

Featuring 6 shuttered 13 Amp UK sockets and a three stage Surge Protection Device, the MD06-BS/SP is highly prized not just for keeping your mains wiring tidy, but also as it will help to minimise any interference from getting into your prized Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.

Furthermore, the MD06-BS/SP chassis is extruded from Aluminium and as such, the case work is shielded and hence helps to prevent 50 Hz mains getting into other cables nearby, while at the same time, reducing radio (and other mains borne) interference.

Please note that no mains cable is supplied with the MD06-BS/SP - this is so that you can purchase the correct length of cable to go between your wall socket and the position of the Mains Block. We have pre-terminated lengths of LoRad 1.5, factory fitted with a UK 13 Amp plug and a suitable IEC connector, in lengths of 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 4m. Or you can buy the LoRad 1.5 or LoRad 2.5 cable "off the reel" and make up your own bespoke length.

Supra MD06-BS/SP Mains Distribution Block cable

The above is a picture of the Supra UK Mains Block - with full British Standards BEAB/ASTA approval, which differs slightly from the prototype version shown before as the UK version does not need the circuit breaker and the UK socket spacing has been widened to allow for "wall wart" type external power supply "bricks".

As can be seen, MD06-BS/SP has an IEC input socket for mains input, allowing you the flexibility to use any length of mains cable from your wall socket to the unit.

We recommend that you use the Supra LoRad shielded mains cable with the MD06-BS/SP in order to maximise the benefits.

The MD06-BS/SP features:
1x IEC socket inlet
6x UK 13 Amp socket outlets
Non-Intrusive Filtering (NIF)

Multi-level 3 way Surge Protection (SP)
Power and Surge indicator LEDs
Aluminium chassis
for maximum RF suppression
Mounting holes to allow chassis to be attached securely to surfaces

The dimensions of the MD06-BS/SP are:

470mm (L) x 97 mm (W) x 55 mm (H).

This is the overall maximum dimension and excludes the rubber feet, which are supplied in the box with the unit.

Of course, it goes without saying that LoRad cables should ideally be used with the MD06-BS/SP, both on the input side as well as for the output to your equipment - after all, there's no point having a high quality, shielded Surge Protected, Non Intrusive Filtered Mains Distribution Unit, if you then use it with unshielded mains cables !

Supra MD06-EU/SP (European version) - Supra MD06-US/SP (USA version)

Supra have also designed and manufactured a Mains Distribution Block, featuring Schuko type sockets for the European market and there is also a version available for US markets.

Two versions of the European Mains Block are available:
MD06-EU Mk 11 - featuring only NIF (Non-Intrusive Filtering)
PDF (English) - PDF (Swedish)

MD06-EU/SP - featuring NIF and Surge Protection

Supra MD06-EU for Europe

The European version (shown above) is not generally available for DOMESTIC sale in UK, as it does not comply with British Standards approvals, (as the schuko type sockets are UNSHUTTERED) and hence it is not suitable for sale to end-users. (Professional or Pro-Audio users CAN order the schuko version - we normally keep both standard NIF and Surge Protected versions in stock - in order to cater for touring groups and musicians, who have equipment terminated in schuko plugs).